Naifeh Sarrissi “Islam protects the rights of women.”

Naifeh Sarrissi  says that once she and her colleagues have their way, Muslim women in Israel will benefit the rights and status that the progressive spirit of the Koran intended for them. Women and Horizons, which she directs, works the to promote the rights and status of women within a religious framework.Members of the organization expose a wider audience to the religious Muslim exegesis that supports the status and rights of women. “There are commentaries that support women’s rights but the patriarchal society in which we live use social norms to suppress them. We insist: These rights are from the Koran. No one may ignore them.” She says. Women and Horizons seeks to reform the implementation of the Shari’a laws such as those permitting polygamy and defining the legal marital age. The organization’s committee of academics, religious authorities, judges and lawyers composes research-based position papers and its activists raise awareness amongst the general population. “Muslim countries like Morocco have liberalized their polygamy laws and so can we,” says Naifeh. “Shatil’s serious, intensive guidance has been an important backdrop to this work,” she adds. “With great patience, Shatil consultants taught me how to examine our target audience, evaluate a project, manage a budget, and develop a strategic work plan. Everything I know about running an organization, I learned step-by-step from Shatil.”

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